The 13 best travel cots to go on vacation with babies

Folding, light and cool, with net or window to see the baby. There are also two heights, with mobile to entertain the child, with storage pockets and even with changing table.

They are some of the characteristics of travel cots, essential in summer and also throughout the year: to go to the village, at the weekend, to the grandparents' house ... Here you go the 13 best travel cots to go on vacation with the baby.

Instant travel cot, by AeroMoov

Being can be assembled and disassembled in just two seconds and, since it is very light (weighs less than 5 kg), it can be taken anywhere.

But still, it complies with all safety regulations. It includes a high quality mattress and two levels, with carrycot.

In addition, its carrying bag is very practical, to be able to store it in the minimum space.

Price: 157.38 euros, at Amazon: // n% 3DasinImage% 26sb-ci-v% 3Dhttps% 253A% 252F% 252Fimages% 252FI% 252F81DjOm-ZpQL.jpg% 26sb-ci-a% 3DB06XC6BNJC

Mix Plus by Asalvo

The double height with zip system, the fun arc of games and a wide cat make it a complete cradle.

It has a very compact folding, two wheels with brakes and double safety lock. It is also waterproof and offers a very robust design.

Price: 95.90 euros on Amazon.

Easy go by BabyBjörn

It folds and unfolds with a single movement, is very stable and has a soft and comfortable mattress that will allow your baby to sleep peacefully in any destination.

The breathable and ventilated mesh fabric allows good visibility of the baby at all times. It is suitable from birth to approximately 3 years.

It includes a soft and comfortable mattress, so it can be used at home or on the go.

Price: 255 euros in the English Court.

Zip & Go by Chicco

Thanks to its practical zipper, it can be transformed from a cradle to a crib in just seconds, which allows its use from birth to two years.

It opens and closes in a single click, without removing the mattress and, in addition, can be used in fixed mode or rocker, for a better rest of the baby.

It includes a breathable mattress and is made of mesh fabric. It can be adjusted in height, to 67 or 73 cm.

Its compact folding, and its practical carrying bag allows it to be easily transported.

Price: 169 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Sleep N Go Plus Winnie, from Hauck

Easy to assemble, comfortable and compact when storing and carrying. It includes wheels for easy sliding and a carrying bag.

In addition, the side can be opened with a zipper if desired, so that the child can enter and exit when he is older.

The interior size of this bed is 60 x 120 cm and can be used from birth until the child weighs 15 kg.

Price: 69.99 euros at Toys R Us

Starlight by Icoo

It allows you to have everything you need for hygiene and rest of the baby, also away from home: a changing table with raised edges, which can be removed when not in use, pockets and tray with compartments to have everything you need to change the diaper at hand .

Easy to assemble and fold, it has wheels, to move it easily and carry bag. And what is more important for the rest of the child: double height and folding mattress, and a side window to observe at all times.

Price: 68.73 euros on Amazon.

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Lodge by Inglesina

Perfect as a travel cot, but also as a regular crib at home and also as a playground. It has a kit for double height and padded mattress, pocket, zippered window and mosquito net.

It is light, easy to transport thanks to its two wheels and folds like an umbrella.

Available in bright colors to decorate the room, it also has a side zipper opening, so that the child enters and leaves autonomously.

Price: 189 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Duo Level, by Jané

With aluminum chassis, it allows to modify the height of the mattress to 2 different heights, facilitating the interior access of the cradle.

The upper level can be used from birth to 3-4 months, until the baby begins to sit or stand on his arms.

In addition, it incorporates wheels for easy transport, play bar with stuffed animals and breathable mattress.

Price: 85.50 euros in El Corte Inglés

Excursion Change & Rock Dots, by Joie

A complete children's center which, in addition to the crib, includes a changing table and a rocker and can also be used independently.

To help the baby relax, it has a light, vibration and sound module.

In addition to its ultra-secure chassis and its two wheels to facilitate movement, it has two mattress and grid heights on all four sides to promote ventilation.

Price: 240 euros, in El Corte Inglés.


This crib is also ideal for travel, as it can be easily folded and opened, and transported without difficulty, thanks to the shoulder bag where it is placed.

With an aluminum chassis, it only weighs 6 kg and can be used until the baby turns one year old. Its height adjustable in six levels allows it to be attached to any large bed. The roll-up side is made of mesh, so if it closes, you can watch the baby while sleeping.

It includes a comfortable mattress with a protective layer (83 x 52 cm) and a custom cotton sheet.

Price: 84.90 euros on Amazon.

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Simon by Lionelo

It can be used as a playground, cot and changing table with pockets. In addition, it includes an awning, which protects the child from UV rays and different useful accessories: organizer, carousel with hanging toys with sound and mosquito net.

Made with fashionable linen cloth, it has an audio input with a cable to connect the smartphone and play the baby's favorite song.

In addition, height adjustable in two heights, wheels with brakes to facilitate movement and open side entrance with zip.

Price: 98 euros on Amazon.

Mini Bear by Tous Baby

Colecho nest for newborn, which can be used in bed, inside the crib, on the sofa, or as a travel cot.

It gives the baby a feeling of security at bedtime. It easily adjusts to the desired size using an elastic band.

Its use is recommended from zero to six months.

Price: 85 euros in the English Court.

Mimi & Go, from Tuc Tuc

Cheerful design with large grid windows for better perspiration and see the baby, it has a double height system, which makes it possible to place the mattress at two different heights and thus facilitate access to the interior.

Easy and fast folding system, wheels with brake and carrying bag.

Price: 90 euros in the English Court.

Asalvo Travel Cot Mix Plus Children of the World

Today in Amazon for € 95.90

Lionelo Folding Travel Cot for baby Simon-Sand

Today in Amazon for € 98

Aeromoov ASATC11060WS - Folding and instant baby travel cot with configurable mattress at two heights and carrying bag (sand color)

Today in amazon for € 157.38

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