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New perineal oil for Suavinex pregnant

Today I want to recommend a product that Suavinex has just launched that can be very interesting to prepare the perineum area for delivery. A new perineal oil for pregnant women is treated with rosehip, wheat germ and Vitamin E oils. It is a combination of 100% natural vegetable oils that is applied with a gentle massage in the area of ​​the perineum to improve skin elasticity. and minimize, as far as possible, the practice of episiotomies.

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Screen management in homes with children: do you have a plan?

"A healthy approach to the use of media (television, smartphones, laptops, tablets, in short, you know), should minimize possible health risks, and encourage those that are more positive." "It would be about promoting a healthy 'medium diet'." The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), offers guidance on how to limit the use that children and adolescents make of the media available to them Children who spend three hours a day in front of the TV, 13-year-old adolescents who continue to upload content at its walls at two in the morning, 10-year-old kids who play video games for adults (and extremely violent content), primary school children who go to friends to watch pornography ..., the list could go on but what? There are still those who believe that we should not supervise our children in relation to the media?

A Barbie doll with more realistic measures could come true

I don't know if there will be any home, of those of the so-called first world, that doesn't have at least one Barbie. What do you not know what I mean? Yes man, that doll of extreme thinness that half an hour after leaving the box is already naked and with accessories that cost the same as those of adults. Well, after many years of controversy, in the end a Barbie doll with more realistic measures could come true.

Little amount of food is good for the newborn

Many mothers become obsessed with the growth of the newborn during the first weeks. Will it reach you with my milk? Will he stay hungry? We ask ourselves. According to one study it is better that we stop worrying, since even a diet that is not too abundant is preferable for the future health of the child than a diet enriched with formula milk.

Most frequent abnormalities in children's feet

Abnormalities in the feet of children are quite frequent and can interfere with psychomotor development, so it is important that parents be aware of any signs that something is wrong and let the pediatrician know. Some signs that can make us suspect that children have a problem with their feet are: they walk strangely, complain of some pain or discomfort, adopt bad postures, do not want to play or play sports regularly ... Do you think it happens Any of this to your son or daughter?

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Crafts with children: painted wooden spoons for cooking with children

Today I bring you another idea of ​​crafts to do with children. For those who like to cook with children, with this idea you can have a set of wooden spoons so that it forms its own kitchen utensils. Cooking and art are very close, in both, children develop their creativity, sense of touch, sensitivity for colors, thoroughness ... with this set of spoons with fruit motifs, children will be delighted to have their own kitchen set In addition to having a great time while painting it.

The natural rights of children, illustrated

A week ago we talked about the natural rights of children that the Italian pedagogue Gianfranco Zavalloni claimed for the little ones. These are ten rights that remind us of the basic needs of children and that we can illustrate with drawings. And it is that these rights that are summarized in the premise of letting children be children have several dissemination projects, from translation to all languages ​​to illustration through these beautiful drawings that offer the same message in a different code.

Why not wash your baby's clothes with fabric softener?

One of the tips that most parents know is not to wash babies' clothes with fabric softener. But why this recommendation? We know that the baby's skin is very delicate, and any aggressive product that comes into contact with it can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Is it that children are ceasing to be?

Yesterday I was commenting on Twitter with another mother that my son, despite not having even 11 years, one day I went to where he was with his friends whispered "mom you're embarrassing me." This has not caused me any trauma (at least evident), and also at home we have good communication and these things we banal later and laugh at them ... but it makes us think.

Does Barbie induce food problems?

This doll of impossible measures with which millions of girls play in the world has given much to talk in recent times, to the elders who criticize the image it offers to our children. One of the controversies has to do with the appearance of Barbie, its extreme thinness and if it induces food problems.

Constipation during pregnancy? Some tips to prevent it

One of the most frequent discomforts during pregnancy is constipation, however we can take certain measures that help us prevent it and make the intestinal transit adequate. Constipation is characterized by a decrease in bowel movements, which are responsible for allowing the progress of feces.

Female names for babies: Old Testament characters (IV)

We continue with our review of the Old Testament collecting the names of their female heroines to offer you ideas of names for your unborn children. We leave the story in the descendants of Jacob with his four companions. He would have 12 boys and a girl, Dina, who we will take care of now.

Today we are going to paint Easter eggs

I promised you a week ago that we would talk about decorating Easter Eggs in our series of articles dedicated to Spring, we just started the season, explaining how it should be a good planning for excursions, as well as offering some notes on the basic equipment.

Water intake recommendations in children

Except in the summer season, the rest of the year we do not remember much of what is necessary for the intake of water for our children and that is that according to nutritionists, we must have children drink between six and eight glasses of water a day so that get great benefits for your health. The ideal consumption for each age is as follows: babies from 0 to 6 months should consume 0.7 liters per day of water (from breastfeeding), from 6 to 12 months 0.8 liters per day, from 1 to 3 years 1.3 liters a day, 4 to 8 years 1.7 liters a day, 9 to 13 years between 2.1 and 2.4 liters a day.

The emotional moment when a blind mother sees her baby for the first time

Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to see your baby after waiting for him for nine months? Kathy Beitz, is a blind mother of 29 years who although she thought it would be impossible, thanks to a special glasses equipped with the highest technology has been able to live the emotional moment of seeing her baby for the first time hours after birth.

False "friends" of the children's diet

There are many food products on the market that are presented to us as optimal companions to the children's diet, but that are not as healthy as they might seem. They are the false "friends" of the children's diet, those that appear as ideal in advertising but not personally squeak the ads of certain sweets that talk about calcium or the vitamins they provide, not to mention fats, sweeteners and others components that don't sound so good and that would obviously make them less attractive.

Practical advice for children to eat more vegetables

In the previous topics I have offered you some culinary strategies to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in children. But, in addition to the different ways of presenting them, there are also some practical tips that can help get children to eat more vegetables. The best way to get children to eat more fruits or vegetables is to make them accessible to them since they are young.