Achieving your goal will not be easy, but we will be by your side

From the day they are born we want to be by their side, help them in their day to day, prevent them from stumbling, it is our instinct, the unbeatable force that pushes us to do anything for our children, and of course the protection instinct is the Strongest of all. Many times we find parents, or perhaps we are the ones who say it, who want their children to be babies forever, to have them among cottons for the rest of our lives, to prevent anything from adding them, but they have to grow, and although we don't want to recognize it We know that it must be so, we know that they must achieve their goals and that it will not be easy, but we will always be by their side to achieve it.

Abused girls may have a higher risk of being obese women

Obesity is one of the most widespread health problems today. It is not a disease, but a risk factor for many diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, etc.), and therefore it is a physical condition that is trying to prevent and treat, knowing the causes and creating programs to educate to the population to modify eating habits and physical activity.

Plans with children: we visit the Natural Sciences Museum of Madrid

The good thing about the holidays is that we can organize plans with the children any day, not only on weekends like the rest of the year. On Thursday we looked for a good plan to do with the girls (8, almost 6 and almost 3 years old) and we visited the Natural Sciences Museum of Madrid, an exit that we had pending because they love (well, we love) animals, fossils And the stones

Facebook returns to the streets and censors for "pornography" this photo of a birth

For a long time, Facebook devoted itself almost indiscriminately to censor and block any photo in which a breast or even a nipple came out. Nor that the photo was of a woman breastfeeding, blocked it equally. Over time, and I suppose that because he received many complaints, he finally decided to consider breastfeeding as something natural and stopped accepting complaints about photographs of women breastfeeding.

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Does your baby synchronize gestures and words?

If we just point out something, we may be letting information slip. The same happens if we only talk. Most of the human communication occurs through the combination of word and gestures, which is more effective. Therefore, if your baby synchronizes gestures and words at twelve months it is a sign that his communicative capacity develops favorably.

Hiking with kids: route from Puerto de Navacerrada to the Bola del Mundo

This summer with the little girl who is ten years old and two friends of the summer, eleven years old each, we have encouraged to climb the Ball of the World from the Port of Navacerrada. It is a hiking activity, recommended to do with kids and with a moderate degree of difficulty. It travels about six kilometers, round trip and ascends from 1.

Vegetables to accompany the snack of the kids

In our desire to comply with the recommendation of five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, we must manage so that these foods are not lacking in each meal. But many times we focus on the fruit as a dessert for lunch and snack of the children, forgetting the vegetables. Vegetables are a great accompaniment to the snack for lunch or snack, either between bread, or apart.

What should we consider before downloading a children's app

Nowadays it is more rare that someone does not have a smartphone or tablet, technology has come to stay and be part of our lives and our daily routine. For those of us who have children, we have been able to see how gradually our children have also approached it and how applications aimed at children go on the market every day.

Tennessee triplets surprised everyone by weighing more than 8 kilos together

Multiple pregnancies are special for the mere fact of gestating more than one baby, and those for triplets even more, because the most common multiples are those in which two babies come. Among the triplet pregnancies are those in which the babies are identical, or if they arrive by surprise, as in the case of a woman who stayed triplets taking the birth control pill.

Babies will be born with two biological mothers

That "mother there is only one" is no longer so true from a biological point of view. The Cefer Assisted Reproduction Institute of Barcelona has just announced that the first three babies will be born next summer with two biological mothers. They are babies of three homosexual couples. Each of them is the result of the fertilization of an ovum extracted to one of them and a sperm of an anonymous donor but gestated in the uterus of the other.

And in the end Penelope Cruz did breastfeed her son

Ten months ago I wrote an entry in this blog that explained that Penelope Cruz probably wouldn't breastfeed her baby because she wanted to avoid getting fat during breastfeeding and didn't want her breasts to fall out. This is the message that was offered in the pink press and my intention was not to value the decision of, much less, but simply to inform that the messages “breastfeed = keep kilos” and “breastfeed = sagging breasts” do not They are true, because as many readers of the blog already know, breastfeeding is one of the best ways to lose kilos.

Oxytocin and autism

We have already spoken, when we interview Dr. Emilio Santos, of the possible relationship between the use of synthetic oxytocin in childbirths and high autism figures, reaching this conclusion, based, among other works, on a study published in 2008 by A team of Swedish researchers.

Back to school: some tips

The end of the holidays and the return to the routine is a quite traumatic period of the year for the whole family. If it is for us, adults, imagine for the little ones who have lived for one or two months at their leisure, practically without schedules or routines too established. It is not easy to pick up the pace, adapt to schedules and get used to the early risers, but there are some tips that can help children cope better with the so-called post-vacation syndrome.